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What Has Donald Done Now?

A Feeble Attempt at Keeping Track of Everything You Need To Know 

Dillary, A Love Story ~ Continued
By Edward Savio

Dillary #34 – The Only Thing We Didn’t Toss At Her Were Hand-Grenades

The team brings in some help from a galaxy far, far away to prepare Hillary for the debate.

Dillary #33 – Riggers Be Rigging

While Hillary goes beast mode on the debate prep (see tomorrow), Trump finishes his prep before lunch.

Dillary #32 – Preppers

Debate prep with the only human capable of Trumpian bambastications. It’s getting real in the Hofstra parking lot.

Dillary #31 – Go West, Hillary, Go West

The first debate is coming. A bedroom remodel is in progress. Donald’s biggest concern? Who’s playing him.

Dillary #29 - Politics in Bed

It’s a week until the first debate. We get some half-naked commentary from the sidelines.

Dillary #28  - Songs We Sorta Know The Words To

We’re going to move into the weekend with a little musical interlude. This will get stuck in your head all day. Spin that record, DJ T!

Dillary #27 – A Bicycle Built For Trump

The ride is nearly over as Hillary readies to get back to puttin’ time in on the campaign trail. Speaking of Putin time…

Dillary #26. The Passionately Unloved

Our helpless romantics…there’re obstacles in the road, but they just pedal on.

Dillary #25 – On The Road, But Off The Trail

We’ve hit our silver solarversity. Twenty-five strips that are part of the Dillary canon. Due to medical complications Hillary is taking it easy this week. And taking it easy for Hillary means…riding 10 or 20 miles on the back of a bicycle built for two with Donald barely pulling his own weight.

Stay Tuned...