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What Has Donald Done Now?

A Feeble Attempt at Keeping Track of Everything You Need To Know 

Dillary, A Love Story
(Episodes #0 through #9)
By Edward Savio

Dillary #0 (Origin Story)

Dillary #1 - The Return of...

Dillary #2

Dillary #3

Dillary #4

Dillary #5 - The Gloves Come On


   DILLARY #7 - What About Mel?

DILLARY #8 - Ex Melania

DILLARY #9 - Za Speech

Edward Savio is an author and screenwriter. His numerous film projects have been sold to Walt Disney Studios and Sony Pictures Entertainment, among others. He's the author of the adult mainstream novels, “Idiots in the Machine,” “Love on Haight,” and soon to be released “The Velvet Sledgehammer.” His teen titles include "Alexander X," the upcoming “Ancient Among Us,” and the young adult comic book “The Stupor Heroes vs. Dr. Earwax."

He lives in San Francisco with his family. Visit: www.edwardsavio.com