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What Has Donald Done Now?

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Black Lives Matter

September 10, 2016 ~ Black Crime in the United States

A discussion about the dangers of segregation, a look at the ravages of pre-civil rights era America, and an earnest attempt to talk about what is really going on. #BlackLivesMatter

September 9, 2016 ~  Donald's Reach Around

Donald J. Trump's "reach out" to the African-American communitybegan while delivering remarks to an auditorium of white suburbanites. He's offered statistics and analysis as part of his outreach speeches and suggests a dire need to look at the statistics, so we did. (video)

August 31, 2016 ~ White Lies

Detailed accounting of Trump’s racism and DOJ sanctions on the matter. (video)

Businessman Skills

September 19, 2016 ~ Trump's D.C. Landmark Hotel

Testimony concerns Trump's $200 million project to transform D.C.'s Old Post Office building - a previously taxpayer-owned landmark just four blocks from the White House - into a luxury hotel. 

September 8, 2016 ~ Trump Tower Toronto

Trump Tower Toronto is owned by Talon Developments who licensed the Trump brand in naming the skyscraper and hired a Trump-owned company to run the property. As of May 2016 - they are “no longer interested in the Trump brand” - or having The Trump Organization manage the property in any way - claiming the Trump name is damaged beyond repair. 

Another Bankruptcy: How Trump Property Management's feckless 

top brass style and unexplainable overspending screwed Puerto Rico. (video)

Clean Energy

August 10, 2016 ~ Clean Energy

Donald Quixote had developed a bit of a phobia about wind energy, actually claiming in government testimony that wind turbines cause depression and kill birds.(video)


As of September 6, 2016 ~ We don't have anything for this subject yet, but we will soon. According to The Wall Street Journal: "Donald Trump Vows to Slash Funding for Education, EPA" ~ In interview at local diner, Trump pledges ‘tremendous cutting’ if elected.

Eminent Domain

August 25, 2016 ~ Trump Turnberry, a Luxury Collection

Detailed accounting of his land grab in Scotland, including a 2 hour video of testimony Trump gave before Scottish Parliament on the dangers of Wind Energy. (with video)

Foreign Policy

August 19, 2016 ~ To Russia With Love

Extremely detailed (and yet still incomplete) accounting of Donald's love affair with Putin, their ties, and why it matters. If you like long Russian novels, you'll love this piece.


September 5, 2016 ~ Good, Bad & Ugly

August 7, 2016 ~ Extreme Vetting

We've unearthed video first reported by The Daily Show breaking down Trump's extreme vetting plan. (video)


August 30, 2016 ~ Made In America

An accounting of Trump’s product lines and how pretty much NONE of them are made in America. (video)

Small Business

September 12, 2016 ~ A Builder

An accounting of Trump's business practices when breaking ground, his distorted misuse of eminent domain statutes, and his questionable ability to come in "under budget."

Because past is prologue just one detailed account of how he screwed a NY architect who did the work. (video)

August 24, 2016 ~ The Taj Mahal Resort & Casino, New Jersey

Detailed accounting of how he screwed Atlantic City. (video)

Donald Trump's Tax Plan For America

September 12, 2016 ~ Explaining Donald Trump's Tax Plans

With just under two months to go before the November election, we begin with the rival tax plans offered by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Here's is an excellent article by Scott Horsley from NPR.

Tax Returns

August 11, 2016 ~ Death & Taxes

An attempt to follow where Trump's campaign contributions go, and a look at the candidate's odd fetish with eminent domain laws. This guy's got an M.O. (video)


September 13, 2016 ~ The Not So Giving Tree

Trump has been using the 'audit' excuse for some time now and won't release any tax returns at all, even those that aren't under audit. Hmm. Why would that be? Is it possible The Giver-In-Chief doesn't really give at all?

Terrorism & Commander-in-Chief Stuff

September 2, 2016 ~ Kill List

Who kills more bad guys? Republicans or Democrats?

The dangers of having Trump's finger anywhere near 'the button' - his very, very tiny finger. (video)

On Trade

August 5, 2016 ~ On Trade

The truth about Bill Clinton and NAFTA – Bush Sr. did it.

Women & Women's Rights

August 18, 2106 ~ Mr. T & His Women

The Donald's historic issues with women, Trump Modeling Agency's misuse of the H1B visa program, and links to those sordid rape charges. (videos)